Friday, July 29, 2011

Wonderful acrylic nail designs pictures

Have you seen any acrylic nail designs pictures, which include many colorful and trendy designs for your toe and fingernails? Such designs are not hard to make, especially if you have at least some creativity skills. Even children can make pretty designs and I will tell you a real story about how my young niece made her first pattern for her toe and fingernails. I had two nieces and a month ago the oldest invited me to her birthday party. I was having trouble what to buy her, since she is now already 13 years old and I can no longer buy her dolls and teddy bears. Then her sister told me that she wanted to have a manicure set and also a special kit which included two lacquers, a sheet with some patterns and a special art pen for drawing designs.
Ladybug acrylic nail designs pictures

Acrylic nail designs pictures which are presented in this article on this cool Nail designs 2011 website, are very beautiful and quite simple to make. And such were designs which this sheet, which was included in the kit, had. Then I also bought a special book on Toe and fingernails art designs, artificial fingernails tips, a small chocolate and this was it! My birthday present was ready for my niece and I anxiously waited till it was time to go to her. When I rang the bell on the door where my niece lives, she ran towards the door and was really happy to see me. I congratulated her and gave her the present and she was amazingly surprised.
Acrylic nail designs pictures

She couldn’t believe that she finally got her first kit to be able to create designs with a little help of acrylic nail designs pictures, which she saw in the book and we had to test this kit right away. We played a game and my niece needed a manicure and I was a manicurist. I first helped her to apply artificial tips and then started to make designs. I used pink and blue color, since these two colors are two of her favorite colors. I drew small dots and a couple of diagonal lines and then I also applied glitter polish. Then we waited for a couple of minutes and finally applied a clear top coat to make those tips strong and firm.
Zebra acrylic nail designs pictures

Acrylic nail designs pictures which we saw in the book and the ones you can see on this cool Nail designs 2011 website were amazing reference for all future designs which my niece have created so far and even her younger sister was amazed at how versatile, colorful and unique such patterns for artificial tips can be. We even decided to do a little contest, paint our toes and fingertips with different designs and the one who paints the most beautiful ones will get a special price; the biggest chocolate which can be bought in the supermarket.

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