Friday, July 29, 2011

Two weeks till I get the hell outta here!


I'm leaving and going to Hawaii in less than two weeks. This is going to be amazing.

The nice breezes, the millions of Japanese tourists, and the mai tais. Too bad I'm not legal.

But anyway, I've been to Hawaii a handful of times before and freakin' love the place. Its very Jurassic Park meets Japan. We are weird so we'll be in Waikiki for 2 days, then we fly to Kauai for 6 days then jet back to O'ahu for another 7. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

For those of you who are planning on going to Hawaii, make sure to stay at these hotels, these are my favorites..

In Waikiki the best options (were we will stay) are the Moana/Royal Hawaiiian and the Hilton Hawaiian Village. They are very different from each other, but both absolutely fantastic. Moana/Royal Hawaiian are both right on Kalakaua Avenue, the Oscar Friere or Garcia D'avila of Honolulu (and consequently right on the beach.) They have great access to everything. The Hawaiian village, while not far from anything, is a little more removed but still within walking distance to Kalakaua. That being said, they have everything you need inside the resort including luxury retailers, awesome Japanese restaurants, and POOLS galore.

In Kauai, stay @ The Saint Regis Princeville. That's our choice. It's a stunning location looking out onto the famous "Bali Hi" view, complete with over 100 cascading waterfalls that flow down the steep cliffs. It is just spectacular, no words to describe it. Google it, It's wonderful.

In Maui (were not going this time...boohoo...but it's actually my least favorite island), stay at the Four Seasons. It's to die for.

On the big island, there is nowhere better than the Hilton Waikaloa Village. It's gigantic, has a man made canal system with boats that transport you from section to section of the resort. If you feel like getting air conditioning while traveling to your room, no problem, they have a electric tram system that takes you there too. They have over 1,000,000 restaurants and bars to chose from, plus POOLS POOLS POOLS and BEACHES BEACHES BEACHES. Just watch out for the sea snakes, which pack a lethal punch (saw a couple in the lagoon and almost stepped on one...that would have ended badly.)

Only drawback with Hawaii is the ridiculous flying time. I mean, Brasil is closer to my house than Hawaii! It will be a long 12 hour flight for sure!

Going to Hawaii only makes me more excited to see Brasil, because the natural beauty that Hawaii has drew me in. I know Brasil has the same natural beauty, but Brasil has the people that melt your heart like Paula Dean melts 45 sticks of butter in her mashed potatoes, while in Hawaii people are largely the same as here.

Brasileiros are the best! Love all of you!

I will update later,


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